[Weekend Project]#3 Setting Goals

Actually I didn't do this project at weekend, I have been doing this for a while but I want to write it down today. In words.

I don't know since when I began to do things in the following steps:

  • Setting a goal
  • Making a plan
  • Following my plan
  • Checking the result with my goal

Maybe it's similar to the Test Driven Development in coding. I just write the 'test'(the goal) in advance and run my 'test case'(checking) along the way I achieve my goal. I found this useful because when I got some 'errors', I'll make an adjustment for my current situation.

Ok, the most important goal is the one for my entire life and I have to say it is really hard to find. It should be something magnificient and something I can achieve with great efforts. The most important thing is that it should make me feel energetic and willing to devote all my life to accomplish it.

After quite a lot of thinking, here is the one I picked up:

Realizing my dreams and helping others achive theirs. I enjoy the life journey and I'll record it. No matter what the result is, I'll be satisfied in the end.

Quite clever? For I didn't make a specific one. But it is what I intended to do for all my life.

Sorry, I found it hard to write this down in Chinese. It is too weird to tell others what my personal goal for life is. Maybe English is more acceptable in this situation for me.